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Media Citings

Over the past 19 years North Prairie Tileworks has been honored to be cited and receive editorial comments regarding our tile and installations in books and national and regional magazines and newspapers. These comments include pictures of our tiles in books, articles related to our tile, design features, and installations in magazines and newspapers. Listed below are some of the citings for the past five years that the media has found noteworthy regarding North Prairie Tileworks as we have become aware of them; displayed in chronological order starting with the most recent. There are times when we are unaware sometimes that our tile is included in an article and so we are please to hear from our followers to update our files.

Best of Both Worlds, by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, June 3, 2012. An article featuring the Minnesota chapter of the American Institute of Architects featured house of the month which was designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects. “This new foursquare combines old-house character with modern functionality.” Included in this home is a fireplace in the living room using North Prairie’s custom 3×6 subway tile with the #191 Woo Blue Glaze (see photo at www.startribune.com/projects.11441121.html).

Legacy On The Lake, by Kim Palmer, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, May 20, 2012. An article about ASID Showcase Home. This home represents one of those homes on Lake of the Isles at the north end of the lake that you have always wanted to peek inside and see what it looks like. This is a legitimate opportunity; Wednesday-Sundays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through June 10. The Powder Room, designed by Mary Maney and John Larson features North Prairie tile on the floor using some great colors (see page H8).

Prairie Remixed, by Brian D. Coleman, Arts & Crafts Homes And The Revival, Winter, 2012 issue; pages 36-43. The article describes how architect David Heide and designer Michael Crull purchased a 1922 Prairie School influenced house in St. Paul, MN and applied their crafts to make it into a wonderful home to live in. North Prairie Tileworks produced tile features for the home including the house numbers seen on page 38.

Artful Products for The Craftsman Home, by Judy Polan, Style 1900, Volume 25, Number 1; pages 16. North Prairie Tileworks was highlighted in the Marketplace section. Includes a photo of NPT’s standard Ginger Tulip and our response to why we are drawn to the A&C. As a student of the Arts & Crafts movement for many years I have always been struck by the functionality of the art and design and how it remains vital as a social movement. It is my opinion that the relevance of A&C today is not only in the basic premises of A&C design but that the essence of our products is that they are made in the U.S. by artisans.

North Prairie Tile for the ASID Showcase Home

Arts & Crafts Homage, by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, November 27, 2011. An article about a “smartly designed 250-square-foot addition gives a Minneapolis couple the cook-centric kitchen and Old World fireplace they always wanted, while preserving the home’s original Arts and Crafts character.” The feature includes photos of the inglenook with North Prairie Tileworks tile. The tile is our #230 Matte Green.

Point, Click, and Cut Remodel Bills, by Josh Garskof, Money Magazine, Value Added Column, November, 2011 issue. The article in this national business magazine “highlights five websites that make pricey, hard-to-find home products accessible and affordable.” North Prairie Tileworks’ website handmadetile.com is featured for its custom tile and replication services.

Kitchen Classics- The Essential Kitchen Guide; 2011, From the Editors of Old-House Interiors and Old-House Journal. This kitchen guide identifies beautiful designs inspired by kitchens of the past. North Prairie tile can be found in two photos; an Arts & Crafts home in San Francisco (page 28) and our Prairie Lattice in a Minneapolis residence (page 133).

Staying in Character, by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, October 2, 2011. An article about a condo on Summit Avenue that is renovated by architect David Heide and his team and what they found inside the walls and under the old carpeting. North Prairie replicated a series of tiles and produced tiles for a fountain. http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/homegarden/130881218.html

Before & After, by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, July 10, 2011. An article as the title suggest of a kitchen before and after architects Jean Rehkamp Larson and Ryan Bicek of Rehkamp Larson Architects went to work. The article on page 3 has pictures including the backsplash with custom made tile by North Prairie Tileworks.

From the Mpls. St.Paul Home Magazine article with the profile about North Prairie Tileworks

Art & Craftsmanship, by Holly O’Dell in Mpls/St.Paul Home Magazine, July, 2011; Pages 55-63. An article that features the work of local builders, artisans and craftspeople who are adding beauty and value to Twin Cities’ homes. The article includes profiles of some Twin Cities artisans and craftspeople including Roger L. Mayland of North Prairie Tileworks and their approach to meeting clients needs. It also includes photos of North Prairie tiles on pages 57 and 61.

Keeping Up With The Joneses, by Brooklyn Hays in Architecture Leaders Today, May-June, 2011; Page 33-35. An article that features the work of Robert Lund & Associates Architects of Bridgehampton, NY and Minneapolis, MN. Principle architect, Robert Lund cites North Prairie Tileworks “as a member of the team that has given us the opportunity and platform to explore unique solutions.”

Revival Baths, Old-House Interiors Design Center Sourcebook, 2011; Page 58. Features a photo of a bathroom created in a Sears bungalow by architect Joe Metzler, SALA . Field tile is North Prairie Tileworks’ #349 Moss Green 4×4′s with a high degree of variation and customized Nouveau Tulips as accent pieces. A close-up of the shower can be seen on Page 69.

This Old House, March 28, 2011; One of our clients submitted their project to the magazine. Go to the link to read their story and see their fireplace surround.

A Better Bungalow by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday Section H, March 6, 2011; AIA featured home of the month by Todd Hansen, Albertsson Hansen Architecture. Pictures of the Linden Hills bungalow home with a large kitchen backsplash with North Prairie Tileworks’ tiles.

NARI Remodel Awards, Mpls. St.Paul Home Magazine, March,2011; page 66. Vujovich Design-Build award winner for “Entire House over $500,000.” Photo of North Prairie Tileworks kitchen backsplash featuring three handpainted Bunnies relief tiles and our #19 Blue Green glaze on subway tile.

Full Service, New & Noteworthy section of American Bungalow, (Issue #69) February-May, 2011. Editorial comment by the editors highlighting North Prairie Tileworks’ full service capabilities for replication and matching tiles and creating new tiles. Pictured are Herman Mueller’s 80 year old bridge tiles depicting Henry Hudson sailing up the Shrewsbury River as well as a new set of tiles of lily pads, water lilies, and dragon flies created for a fireplace surround.

Tile Replication-The Big Challenge, by Roger L. Mayland, this article appeared in the December/January 2011 issue of Clay Technology Magazine, the member’s magazine of the International Clay Technology Association, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals ,and Mining; For further information, visit www.claytechnology.org

Roger L. Mayland authored an article that chronicles the increased use of ceramic tile in the U.S. over the past 160 years and differentiated the differences between batch kiln production (handmade and small production tile) and roller-hearth kiln production (commercial tile); identified batch kiln production tile as the ceramic tile that can and is being replicated and identified the challenges and implications of not being able to replicate commercially produced tile.

Tradition With A Twist, by Lynn Underwood, StarTribune Homes Sunday section H, November 7, 2010; AIA featured home of the month by Todd Hansen, Albertsson Hansen Architecture. Pictures of the Colonial Revival home with a fireplace surround with North Prairie Tileworks tiles.

Prairie Passion by Chris Lee,Midwest Home, September 2010; pages 44-45. 1970s split-level gets an Arts & Crafts makeover by architects Joe G. Metzler and Steven Buetow from SALA. Pictures of large fireplace surround and kitchen backsplash using North Prairie Tileworks tile.

Our Bungalow Restored, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival, Volume 5, Number 4, Fall 2010; pages 20-21. Restored fireplace with North Prairie Tileworks’ Boundary Waters Pine and the Bronze Patina glaze in a restored cabin.

Cool Cabin Tiles, Cabin Life, August 2010; page 40-41. Features some North Prairie Tileworks tile appropriate for a cabin.

An Arts & Crafts Kitchen for an Edwardian House, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival, Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 2010; pages 44-47. Restored Bay Area home with a replicated beveled subway tile for the kitchen backsplash produced by North Prairie Tileworks.

East Meets West, Milwaukee Home, May 2010; page 16-19. Terry and Sue Hahn’s home restoration featuring Tom Gallenberg’s fine cabinetry and North Prairie tile for the fireplace (see magazine cover) and kitchen backsplash.

Interpretive Bathrooms by Patricia Poore, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival, Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 2010; page 27-29. North Prairie custom made tile trim and subway tile for a David Heide Studio designed bathroom.

The Green Home Guide, Midwest Home, April/May 2010; page 107. North Prairie Tileworks kitchen tile backsplash installation image.

Preserving the Pequot Library by Jane S. Margolies, Style 1900, Volume 22, Number 3; pages 20-23. North Prairie Tileworks replicated existing fireplace hearth and surround tile in a historical Southport, Connecticut library.

Art of the Revival by Patricia Poore, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival, Volume 4, Number 2; page 58-61. Features architect, Joe Metzler of Sala Architects and a original Sears “Ashmore” bungalow bathroom remodel with North Prairie Tileworks tile.

Our Favorite Towns by Mary Ellen Polson, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival, Volume 3, Number 3; page 27-29. Interesting Arts & Crafts towns and cites North Prairie Tileworks.

A Guide to Tiles by Mary Ellen Polson, Old-House Interiors, December 2007; pages 78-84. Highlights some of North Prairie Tileworks’ Arts & Crafts tile.

Mail-Order Make Over by Kim Palmer, StarTribune.com/HomeandGarden, November 7, 2007. North Prairie Tileworks tile installed in an original Sears, Roebuck and Co. mail order Ashmore kit home as part of a remodel project.

Dinner is Served by Kitty Shea, Twin Cities Spaces, Fall/Winter 2007; Cover photo and pages 48-53. “an entire wall to North Prairie Tileworks of Minneapolis for a Prairie School checkerboard.”

Handcrafted Haven by Brian Kramer, Beautiful Homes, Late Summer, 2007; pages 52-63. North Prairie Tileworks produced an extensive amount of tile for the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and built-in furniture in this David Heide designed home.

A Bit of the Brit, Twin Cities Spaces, Fall/Winter 2007; page 15-19. “The tile on the fireplace and around the room, crafted by North Prairie Tileworks, is an interpretation of designs by early Arts & Crafts proponent Ernest Batchelder.”

Waterfront Homage by Michelle Baltus, Midwest Home, June/July 2006; pages 89-93. Arts & Crafts retreat designed by David Heide Studio with extensive North Prairie Tileworks tile installations.

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